A Birth Photographer's First Year in Business | Central Valley Birth Photography

Yes, it's my first year! Can you believe it? Maybe you've only found me recently, and you didn't know I was such a newbie. Although I've been studying photography and taking pictures of my own family for years, I only photographed my first birth in February 2015. I officially got my business license in March of 2015.

These were big scary leaps of courage for me. I was terrified that I would fail. I was also terrified that I would succeed. My heart wanted this more then anything though. I just knew it was right for me, and I was right for this. 

As 2016 rings in tonight, I am so hopeful for the new year. I have crazy dreams. I want, more then anything, to show all of the mothers that they are amazing and beautiful. However they birth. I want them to feel empowered. I also want them to be gentle to themselves, and remember their birth without guilt. To see the beauty that I saw in that day. To remember the first time they held their newborn and the rush of emotions that came over them, and all the little details they might forget. 

I've been to several births in 2015, including home births, hospital births, cesarean births, twin births, and surrogacy births.  I've felt deeply honored that I was invited to photograph each one and I can honestly say there is no other job I would like to have. Thank you friends, for trusting me with this task. 

My favorite birth and newborn images of 2015 <3