Welcome Baby Shaw! | Elk Grove Birth Photography | South Sacramento Kaiser

I felt so honored that Heather chose me to document her birth story. The Shaws were very welcoming when I entered their hospital room early in the morning . There were so many different emotions filling the room - anticipation, excitement, love and maybe a little bit of nervous energy... Heather and Eric shared with me their gender guesses. They told me the story of what they planned to do depending on who got it right - a trip planned by the other spouse (packing included!). I thought that was a pretty amazing bet! :) Heather got quieter as she progressed and the room started to collect nurses. Eric stood near her and helped support her head as she pushed. I'm pretty sure she was the most thoughtful and kind laboring woman I have ever seen. Little Brandon took everyone's breath away as he arrived and the whole room fell immediately in love with him as he looked up at his momma.