Why Birth Photography is so Awesome | South Sacramento Birth Photographer

I get it. You are hesitant about Birth Photography. It's looks kind of cool - but you don't think it's right for you. Let me share a few reasons why I think it's So. Darn. Important. 

1. When you put Dad in charge of the camera, he can't be in the story. I think Dad should be free to support you, and share this very important day with you. 

2. You'll probably end up with the obligatory "after the baby is born, look and say cheese" photo. And THAT'S IT. Or, maybe you'll end up with lots of cell phone pictures... that just don't look that great. A birth photographer will make sure to capture ALL of the important moments for you, the ones you wouldn't think to take. Sometimes these are the most meaningful to you.  The only photo I have of my third child's birth (Dad is taking the photo):

3.  It's one of the most emotionally charged, challenging, yet beautiful days of your life. You've put nine months in to this. It's WORTH documenting. It's worth remembering. 

4. What new mother has time to order prints? I know what a whirlwind those first weeks with a newborn can be. My birth packages include a professional album of your birth story. All of the work is done for you and delivered to your door.

4 with watermark.jpg

5. It's ok that you don't think you look your best. Don't worry about that. You are doing something incredible and powerful. When you look back at your photos, I hope you see the beauty in your strength. That's what birth photography is.

Birth Photography is the capturing of your story - the anticipation that comes with labor, the excitement of meeting your little one for the very first time, the overpowering love and new-ness in the room. I focus on documenting your birth and the emotions of the day in a beautiful and meaningful storytelling. I believe in doing everything possible to put you at ease in the way I photograph your day by listening and learning about what is most important to you before your birth.  

Mary Humphrey

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