Our Summer Adventures | Salt Point & Santa Cruz Camping | Documentary Photography

Finally sharing a few snapshots from our summer adventures! We just love our new-to-us camper so much, it makes traveling with three kiddos much easier, especially the menu planning. Mama loves that fridge! lol.

Anyhow, we took the narrow, winding road to Salt Point first. It was so gorgeous, and the cliffs were filled with shells and rocks, and so many little critters! Such a fun place to go if you have children that love to climb and explore. I loved that it was wild and mostly untouched. A very quiet and peaceful campground.

A few weeks later we made our way to Santa Cruz for a few days. It was a little warmer and busier there, but the hiking was amazing! And of course there is so much to do, just a few miles in to town - it's really the best of all worlds. We also ran in to some friends there, which made it a little extra sweet. 

I just want to say something before we get to the photos - as a mama and a photographer, the tug and pull is real. I badly want to photograph every moment, but I know that I can't be totally present when I'm shooting, not to mention I have to be very careful of dirt and sand and bumps to my equipment. There are so many missed moments, but that was a choice I made, to let go, and be present. To run wildly into the ocean, roast marshmellows, climb rocks, and to read bedtimes stories late into the night - because that's what summer vacation is all about.