Kylie's Birth Story | The Birth Center | Sacramento Birth Photographer

Danielle's labor started the day before she delivered, with crampy contractions that started radiating down her legs in waves. They continued throughout the night, and by 9 am the next morning, her and Jade started their journey to The Birth Center. I met them there, eager to see how Danielle was coping. This mama was amazing. She rode through her contractions with such calm and peacefulness, her love hardly ever leaving her side. This wasn't just a birth story, it was also a love story, and I couldn't help but get teary eyed watching them together.

As labor went on, Danielle moved into the bathroom, back to the yoga ball, and finally settling in the bed to rest. As many mama's reach transition, I notice them become more vocal and intense, but I didn't really see that in Danielle... she was the most quiet laboring mama that I had ever witnessed! The only clue was that she got sick to her stomach and threw up. Her doula and I joked that we had no clue how far along she was, because of her calm demeanor, it was hard to tell how close to birth she really was. 

Then it was time, just like that. Danielle delivered her baby and wrapped her into her arms. There was exhaustion, joy, triumph and tears in the room as Kylie was born. Everyone was smitten with the wide eyed girl. And there was The Lion King's The Circle of Life. Yes, really! Jade has a hilarious sense of humor. 

Welcome earthside Kylie! I'm so glad I was able to document your birth story and I'm certain you have everyone around you wrapped around your tiny fingers. <3