A Peek Inside Your Photographer's Life | Sick Day | Stockton Documentary Photography

I've decided to start blogging more about my personal life. To open up a little. I know that when you choose a photographer to come in to your home, your birth space, or even to meet you out in the country; it can feel vulnerable. I totally get that. It's almost intimate, even. So why not get to know each other a little more? <3

I'm just a regular mama to three kids - Jackson, Natalie and Marie. They are my loves, my worries, my laughs, and my wrinkles. I've been married to Jeff for 14 years. He's also part of my wrinkles. haha. Anyhow, today our youngest was sick and stayed home from school. I called it Art Day. Painting, play doh molding, drawing, and a bit of photography to keep us both busy. I sort of love sick days, when we are one on one, the house is so quiet, and I can just drink them up. <3 Shh, don't tell the kids.

Stockton Photographer - A peek inside
Lodi Photographer - A Peek Inside