4 Tips to Dressing for Your Photo Session | Central Valley Photographer

Some people just know what works in front of the camera, and what doesn't. Maybe they have amazing style. Maybe it comes effortlessly to them, like a picture in their head.  For the rest of us, here are a few tips on keeping it timeless. These tips apply to any and all photography sessions - from maternity and fresh baby, to births!


1. If In Doubt, Go Simple.

You can't go wrong with simple clothing. Skip the graphics, logos, and shirts with words on them. Pair down the prints and plaids. You and your gorgeous family will be the focus, and your photos will never go out of style.

2. Be Yourself.

Unsure of those shoes or that dress? Don't forget to let your true personality shine through. It's ok to dress up a little, but make sure you FEEL GOOD in your clothes. Because when you're relaxed, your photos will be so much more authentic.

3. consider Neutrals.

Although I adore color, there is something about neutrals that gives your photos a beautiful, timeless quality. They just work. Charcoal, grey, tan, beige, white, cream - they're classic colors that always look good. Another bonus? Your photos will look great in ANY room of your house.

4. Matching Not Required.

Really! You don't have to perfectly match each family member. Gone are the days of crisp white button-up shirts for the entire crew. Whether it's a documentary session, or a little bit more formal, it's ok to mix and match a little. Your photos will look more natural, and the emphasis will be on Your Story.

Do you have any tips to add? Share them in the comments!