A Peek Inside | Family Camp Trip

Another peek inside your photographer's life <3 This last weekend we took the kids for a quick overnight camp trip in the trailer. It was a little bit silly and adventurous, and a little bit exhausting. But so worth it.

I feel like something amazing happened, in that 24 hours. I had fun. I let loose. And I connected with my family. We all REALLY needed that. You see, starting and running a business is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. I'm just finishing up my first year, and it's included many restless nights, tough choices, and a good dose of obsessing. I've also been really hard on myself. My goals are ridiculously huge.

It's time for me to find some balance. You know, that elusive goal that all of us moms are searching for? I need some of that again. I need to be silly and adventurous and most of all, I need to connect with these beautiful little people in my life more often.

So this is my advice, to you and to myself. Breath. Slow down. Let go of the guilt. Recognize your hard work, whether it's out of the house or at home. Maybe it's grading papers or potty training. You are doing it momma. You are doing a good job. Now take a break.

Connect with your loves.

Camping. Happy children, pretty light.
Stockton Ca Photographer