a peek inside | Our trip to Disney <3

Something has been pulling on me for a while. My children are growing so fast. The big guy will be 13 this year. He's not really a child anymore. I know this. 

In my head though, I still have a little time. I think.

So what do you do when your children are growing just a bit too fast for your liking? You slow time down. You take them to DisneyLand like your life depends on it, and pretend they are little. You bond with them over the Grizzly River Run and Star Tours. Even though he doesn't get excited when he sees Mickey Mouse, he's happy that his littlest sister is. And that means so much. Maybe this growing up will be ok. 

Stockton Photography | family vacation
Disneyland Hotel
California Adventure Photography
California Adventure Photography
Minnie Mouse Photography

And I snuck in one of me.... because when you're always the one with the camera, you don't have a lot of photos of yourself.

Disneyland Family Vacation