Jaxson's Birth Story | Lodi memorial Hospital Birth Photography

The day that Jaxson was born, was a whirlwind. With contractions coming strong and consistently, his parents headed to the hospital. Mom and Dad checked in, and realized it really was happening - Faith was 5 cm dilated already. Shortly after, her water broke. That was when she was frantically wheeled in for an emergency cesarean.

I arrived at the hospital soon after and found Dad in the nursery getting to know his new son. Family was shaken by the birth, and waiting in the hall. They told me their grandson's story. They told me about the nurses that wheeled the bed down the hall, while another nurse stayed on the bed with Faith, and prevented baby from dropping any lower. They told me that no one was allowed in for the birth, they just didn't have time. Dad was quite nervous (and maybe even sick) and I didn't blame him a bit. Sometimes birth is scary.

A few hours later, Faith got to meet her new guy. And just like that, she was a mother. I saw it happen, right in front of my eyes, like she had always been his mother.  <3

Lodi Memorial Birth Photography - Mary Humphrey Photography