16 Beautiful Nursing Photos | Happy World Breastfeeding Week! | Mary Humphrey Photography

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week I've decided to share some of my very favorite nursing images with you. Some of these were taken when baby was freshly born, at their very first feeding, others were taken with wiggly toddlers that nursed for a minute and ran away. <3 The breastfeeding relationship is always changing, and I think that makes it even more beautiful. 

Central Valley Nursing Photography | Lodi Lake
Lodi Memorial Hospital | Mary Humphrey Birth + Breastfeeding Photography
Modesto Kaiser Birth + Breastfeeding Photography | Mary Humphrey
Lodi Lake Nursing Mother | Mary Humphrey Motherhood Photography
South Sacramento Kaiser Hospital | Birth + Breastfeeding Photography by Mary Humphrey
Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Galt | Mary Humphrey Photography