The Story of Gwendolyn Mae | A Fresh 48 Session

This mama is my sister, so it makes these photos all that more special to me. :)

This family waited for their sweet Gwendolyn Mae for quite a while. It turns out, that their second child was born exactly five years after their first child, which meant big sister Liliana had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. We will see if she feels that way every year, but for now, I believe she's pretty excited to share her birthday with a new friend. Congratulations Jackson Family!

Stockton Birth Photographer | Mary Humphrey Photography | Newborn girl crying
Modesto Birth Photographer | Newborn baby girl
Newborn cuddles | Mary Humphrey Birth Photography
Fresh 48 Session | Sacramento Birth Photographer
San Joaquin County Birth Photographer Mary Humphrey | The Birth of Gwen
Newborn cuddles and mom and dad | Mary Humphrey Birth Photography | Stockton, CA
Big sister meeting little sister | Mary Humphrey Birth Photography
Lodi Birth Photography | Mary Humphrey Photography