Kylie's Birth Story | The Birth Center | Sacramento Birth Photographer

Danielle's labor started the day before she delivered, with crampy contractions that started radiating down her legs in waves. They continued throughout the night, and by 9 am the next morning, her and Jade started their journey to The Birth Center. I met them there, eager to see how Danielle was coping. This mama was amazing. She rode through her contractions with such calm and peacefulness, her love hardly ever leaving her side. This wasn't just a birth story, it was also a love story, and I couldn't help but get teary eyed watching them together.

As labor went on, Danielle moved into the bathroom, back to the yoga ball, and finally settling in the bed to rest. As many mama's reach transition, I notice them become more vocal and intense, but I didn't really see that in Danielle... she was the most quiet laboring mama that I had ever witnessed! The only clue was that she got sick to her stomach and threw up. Her doula and I joked that we had no clue how far along she was, because of her calm demeanor, it was hard to tell how close to birth she really was. 

Then it was time, just like that. Danielle delivered her baby and wrapped her into her arms. There was exhaustion, joy, triumph and tears in the room as Kylie was born. Everyone was smitten with the wide eyed girl. And there was The Lion King's The Circle of Life. Yes, really! Jade has a hilarious sense of humor. 

Welcome earthside Kylie! I'm so glad I was able to document your birth story and I'm certain you have everyone around you wrapped around your tiny fingers. <3

Hello Jackson | South Sacramento Kaiser Birth Story

Jackson's Mama had contractions on and off for days. Yes, days! I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but I had my bag packed and ready to go at all times. Early one Friday morning, about 3 am, she contacted me and let me know that they were headed to the hospital. "It's happening this time."  I arrived as she was getting checked in and contractions were intense. I knew that we didn't have much time till baby was here.

After walking the halls and laboring for a bit in the tub, (how amazing is Kaiser?!?) she made her way over to the hospital bed. This mama was doing it without any pain medications. She was shaking from the intensity of the contractions, but at the same time, she was very quiet.  Dad did a great job by staying close and attentive, and putting counter pressure on her lower back. 

She really was calm and fearless. Jackson made his way earthside quickly. I can't be sure, but I think he arrived on the second push. His cord was wrapped around his body a few times and he was pink and flailing around. But once he was in his Mama's arms, he was content. He was home. <3

Laboring Mama - Kaiser South Sacramento Hospital. Birth Photography by Mary Humphrey
South Sacramento Kaiser birth photography by Mary Humphrey Photography

Jaxson's Birth Story | Lodi memorial Hospital Birth Photography

The day that Jaxson was born, was a whirlwind. With contractions coming strong and consistently, his parents headed to the hospital. Mom and Dad checked in, and realized it really was happening - Faith was 5 cm dilated already. Shortly after, her water broke. That was when she was frantically wheeled in for an emergency cesarean.

I arrived at the hospital soon after and found Dad in the nursery getting to know his new son. Family was shaken by the birth, and waiting in the hall. They told me their grandson's story. They told me about the nurses that wheeled the bed down the hall, while another nurse stayed on the bed with Faith, and prevented baby from dropping any lower. They told me that no one was allowed in for the birth, they just didn't have time. Dad was quite nervous (and maybe even sick) and I didn't blame him a bit. Sometimes birth is scary.

A few hours later, Faith got to meet her new guy. And just like that, she was a mother. I saw it happen, right in front of my eyes, like she had always been his mother.  <3

Lodi Memorial Birth Photography - Mary Humphrey Photography



Dylan's Birth Story | Elk Grove Birth Photographer | South Sacramento Kaiser Hospital

Dylan's birth story is a special one. Mom and Dad arrived at the hospital early in the morning, and checked in, excited to meet their new baby boy. Friendly chatter with the nurses, and a big heap of anticipation filled the room. A little while later, they realized that Dylan needed to be born more quickly then anticipated. Grandma and Grandpa arrived with big brother, and gave hugs and kisses before Mom went in. We all waited anxiously. After his birth, he spent a bit of the morning in the special care nursery, being watched carefully. He was even allowed a few visitors! After what felt like forever, he was brought back to his mama's arms, where he belonged. <3 The best feeling in the world after 9 months of pregnancy.

Sometimes newborns don't do as well as expected. Instead of going home, days are spent making trips back and forth to the hospital, talking to nurses, and pumping and delivering each precious drop of milk that we get. With lots of hope, that our baby will soon be all ours. Dylan spent 15 days in the NICU after his birth. I know it was really hard for his Mama. She stayed strong though, she was brave, and dedicated. And now he is home with his family, and she is willing to share her birth story with us all. <3 Congratulations Murillo Family. I am so very happy for you!

Birth can be very vulnerable. I am always so grateful when clients trust me to photograph their story. xo

Pregnant Mother - Mary Humphrey Photography (Elk Grove)
Ready for Baby - Mary Humphrey Photography
Cesarean Delivery Birth Photography - Mary Humphrey
South Sac Kaiser - Birth Photography by Mary Humphrey
Newborn in the Special Care Nursery - Mary Humphrey Photography
Hospital Birth Photography - Mary Humphrey
Central Valley Birth Photography by Mary Humphrey - Mom and Newborn
Newly born in Elk Grove - Mary Humphrey Birth Photography
Kaiser South Sac - Family - Mary Humphrey Birth Photographer
Grandparents + big brother meeting newborn - Mary Humphrey Photography - Elk Grove

Tate's home birth and first days... | Lodi Birth & Newborn Photography | Home birth Lodi

Tate was born quickly. I didn't make it to the birth. Neither did the midwife. When I arrived at the house that night, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. As I lifted my camera out of my bag, I heard a small cry at the other side of the room - and that's when I realized, he was here. Already snuggled in close to his mom, he was quite and happy. His family surrounded him, as his grandmother watched carefully. It was beautiful and raw. He didn't wait for anyone, but that was ok. <3

A few days later, I got to come back and capture a little bit more. This boy is surrounded by love <3

Welcome Gia <3 | Modesto Kaiser Birth Photography | central Valley birth photographer

A few days ago I documented Gia's Birth Day. And it was amazing. Alyssa was surrounded by support and laughter and love. I've never seen anything quite like their family... And I just loved it!  When Gia was born, the whole room was overcome in tears. You know that feeling when you've met your little one for the very first time? And you realize, that, YOU DID IT. You created and gave birth to a beautiful baby. You made it through labor and delivery, and now she is yours, and you instantly fall in love. It's breathtaking to watch THAT moment. It's absolutely beautiful to see <3 

South Sacramento Kaiser | Emotional Mother holding newborn | Umbilical cord | Mary Humphrey Birth Photography