Las Vegas Girls Trip | Documentary Photography | Mary Humphrey Photography

In November, this girl got to take a trip. A trip to Vegas with some of the FUNNEST people I know, away from my family, for the very first time. These ladies make me wear my hair down and swim in the winter, and dance in public and all of the crazy stuff that I need, because, MOTHERHOOD.

Now don't get me wrong. I love being a mother. I've always wanted to be a mother, and have always taken the job pretty seriously. Maybe too seriously, you know? I'm learning that I need to give myself space to grow, to relax, space to have fun. To be my own person, separate from my children. And this new space is so good for me. It might even be good for you, if you are yearning for it too.

So cheers to fun girl's trips! To walks on the strip, and hiking and drinking a tiny bit too much, and dance parties. To these wonderful women who I call family (and friends!). xo


An In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session | Tracy, CA | Modern Motherhood Portraiture

Kari and her family were my very first Fresh 48 session almost 2 years ago. I adored working with them the first time, and was so excited when she reached out to me again. Gloria was going to be a big sister! You can see their Fresh 48 here.

The O'Hara's have such a cute house, but I especially loved their nursery! They created a mobile using driftwood and seashells from a recent trip to the beach, and it added a lot of charm! That and the hand quilted blankets, an oar, and adorable whales gave little Abel a super cute seaside themed nursery.

Birth Stories of 2016 | Elk Grove, Lodi + Stockton Area Birth Photographer | Mary Humphrey Photography

This year has been amazing, and I'm so thankful for the families that have invited me to capture their big day.

Each birth is unique and beautiful in it's own way. Each mother is a warrior. And each family that allows me to come into their birth space, and puts their trust in me, means so much. Birth is vulnerable, there is no getting around it. But it's also incredible and powerful, raw and inspiring, and one of the most important days for your family.

Here's looking at a few of my favorite images of the year, with the hope to add many more in 2017!

To see more images from these birth stories, click here

A Peek Inside Our Christmas Morning | Stockton Documentary Photographer

On a whim, I grabbed my camera and decided to catch a little bit of the crazy, of our Christmas morning. It always feels so personal sharing these photos of our very humble little home while we are still sleepy eyed and wrinkly, in pj's that are old, and with coats and kleenex's in the background. This is real life. And I love these pictures, because they are us. 

"Be Jolly" this Holiday Season, from My Family to Yours | Christmas 2016

I hope you use this time with your family to kick your shoes off, cuddle up with your loved ones, laugh, and not take life too seriously, mama. And don't forget that drink, you deserve it!

                                                                                                            - from my chaos to yours