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"She's amazing! You will absolutely cherish every photo and be so thankful you had Mary Humphrey as part of your birthing journey!"  - Alyssa Dilday 

"If you are looking for a birth photographer who listens to your ideas and respects your wishes, Mary is the one for you! She photographed the cesarean birth of our twin boys and their first couple hours of life on the outside. She is a calm presence and has the perfect artistic eye to catch very real and very special moments of the birth prep, process, and bonding time. When we viewed her photos we were so blessed, amazed and excited she had captured such precious un-staged moments which we could immediately share with our family! Thank you Mary for making us feel so comfortable through out the entire process and giving us those special moments on film." - Dawn & Ryan Lorey

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"Mary was our birth photographer, and I was so happy she was there. When I was in labor, Mary was responding to my texts at 3 am, and when labor started moving along, she made the 40 minute drive from her house to mine. The best part about having her there was that no one had to fuss with their cameras right after the baby was born, we just relaxed and enjoyed our new baby while Mary took pictures. We have amazing pictures of my husband catching the baby, my daughters meeting their new baby sister, and of my baby nursing for the first time. I am so happy we had the opportunity to work with Mary, beautiful pictures of an unforgettable day." - Laticia Duenas 

"Gentle. Supportive. Respectful. Invisible at times. These are all ways I can describe the wonderful experience of Mary capturing the birth of my third baby.

Having someone photography me through birth, one of the most intimate and vulnerable times in my life, was quite intimidating. However, having been through birth before I knew it is also on of the most triumphant and powerful times in my life. This probably being my last time giving birth, I was confident that Mary's photos would be treasured for years to come.

I had very funny reactions during my pregnancy about having a birth photographer there. Once I shared her photos, everyone responded with awe and joy.... they understood. Birth is beautiful."  - Ashlie Arbuckle

"Mary Humphrey is the most gentle, kind, and professional birth photographer I have ever encountered. As a doula (certified birth coach) for the past 14 years working on the east coast and west coast, I have met many birth photographers in delivery rooms but none like Mary. I recently gave birth to my third child and had the opportunity to have Mary as my labor and delivery photographer. I had not had my previous two children's labors and deliveries photographed or recorded in any way and liked the idea. We had always taken our own photos just after baby was born and they were good. However, I was intrigued with Mary's special niche and skill in photographing the actual labor, delivery and just after baby was born. I also knew she photographed cesarean section births in the event my labor didn't cooperate.

I spoke with Mary by phone to give her my due date and speak about a meet up plan for when I was admitted to the hospital in active labor. Mary suggested black and white photographs due to the low light typically encountered in delivery rooms. I immediately loved the idea because they are timeless and classic and agreed. 

My husband sent Mary a text message on a Saturday morning a few days ahead of my due date at 6 am and she arrived at 7 am, bright, quiet, and cheerful and ready to go... the hospital had been approximately 45 minutes away from her home. The baby was coming so quickly that no one in our family was able to make it for the birth of our baby. To my surprise, Mary ended up being my birth coach by simply knowing what to say at the right time, when to get quiet, and when to allow the delivery team a quick set-up. If it wasn't for her gentle demeanor and sweet spirit, my labor would not have gone as smoothly as it did. I didn't notice Mary taking photographs because she never once was too close to me or up by where my husband was encouraging me through, and monitoring my contractions. When our surprise baby was announced by my midwife to be a healthy boy, Mary captured my husband's pure joy incredibly. We now have two boys (12 and 1 month) and one girl (3). 

Mary sent us the link to our photographs within 24 hours and EVERY SINGLE ONE was astounding. She even recommended a top lab for printing purposes. I have since shared the photos with all my friends and family who were delighted and amazed at the quality and emotions her stills captured. Not a single one showed nudity and that was important to me at the time. Mary's birth photography services have been so wonderful. I have and will continue recommending her to the highest degree to expectant mothers I know. She was an absolute joy to have in the delivery room and added to the magic in the air. My family and children will cherish her photography for a lifetime. Thanks for the memories, Mary!" 

- Heather Shaw

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